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Computerized Reporting

Gone are the days of scratching out the results of an inspection on that “yellow legal sized tablet of paper” and handing one or two pages to your client only to hope they understood the inspection and could read your writing. Today, technology has advanced to the point that the inspection process is fully computerized; providing a well organized report to convey vital information to the client. The report contains digital photographs embedded into the document, strategically organized to support and highlight the key points, conveying a complete understanding of any issues observed within the property.

Online Delivery

The inspection report is delivered directly over the Internet – no more unreadable faxed reports, indistinguishable handwriting or waiting for the report to be delivered by mail. There is no limit on the number of report copies you may need.

The final report is uploaded to the Internet, including any digital pictures taken during the inspection to clarify our findings. The inspection report is available to our customer and any real estate professional that may be involved with the transaction, on the Internet as soon as the report is complete. Generally the final report is uploaded within minutes after completing the inspection. Reports can be viewed as often as needed and printed as many times as necessary.

To view or print the report from the internet all that is needed is your web browser. There are no plug-in devices required or special software needed. Our client will immediately receive an email that contains a link to the report. The email provides each client with a specific username and password to protect the privacy of their report. The email only contains a link to the report and there are no email attachments. This means you do not need to download large files or attachments and you do not need to worry about email viruses.

Better Service

This all sums up to meeting the needs of our customers. We continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide each and every client with personalized service.

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