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About Us

The decision to purchase a property has just become easier! Your choice to have an inspection performed by HomeView, Inc. will assist you in making an informed decision and provide a comprehensive look at the condition of the property.

Our Company

HomeView was founded in 1996. Since that time, we have provided inspection services to clients wishing to purchase, sell or fix up a home or small commercial property. HomeView has performed thousands of inspections for our clients by serving all areas within the Hampton Roads communities.

Our Goal

Our mission and goals all center around providing a “value-added” service to our clients, using competitive pricing, and offering our services when it is most convenient to our client.

Our Standards

HomeView performs the inspection in accordance with the Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics published by the American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI). The inspection report is a professional opinion of the property’s present condition. It is based on a standard visual inspection of the accessible features of the property. HomeView does not perform repair work nor are we associated with any other companies that do. Our independent position allows us to maintain our objectivity and provide our client with an unbiased opinion.

Our Results

HomeView provides a computerized report at the conclusion of the inspection. There is no waiting for days to receive the results! HomeView’s inspection service is a comprehensive reporting process that divides the property into ten key areas, providing a customized, narrative report written specific to your home or building. Read about What We Inspect and What We Provide to find out how our process works for you.

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