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Benefits to the Seller

Proactively sell your property by having an inspection performed before a buyer even enters the picture. This is an area where only a professional property inspection can be of assistance. If your property is in excellent condition this fact should be promoted through an inspection report that can be shown to interested parties. A positive inspection report will go a long way in justifying a higher listing price. Buyers generally try and negotiate two times the actual cost of repairs needed.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Property Inspection

  • Prepares you for issues that an inspection for the buyer will reveal, giving you the opportunity to become aware of, and repair, property conditions so they don’t pose a problem when negotiating your sale
  • Makes your property more marketable and attractive to buyers because they know they’re working with a sincere and committed seller
  • Eliminates last minute repair hassles that could delay closing
  • Reduces the number of contingencies in a sale agreement, which makes closing easier
  • Decreases the possibility of unknowns causing a sale to fall through
  • Gives you more control over the selling process
  • Minimizes if not eliminate renegotiation over repairs once a buyer is found
  • Present the inspection report to your buyer and let them know that all the repairs needed are reflected in the listing price

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