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Online Reports

HomeView will send your report almost immediately to your email address for you to view and print. The process is simple and will not require any special equipment or software. Accessing the report is a simple as checking your email each day.

The Process is Simple

After the report has been finished and we have reviewed the results with you at the property, the report will be sent immediately to your email address. Don’t worry about being able to accept large files or any restrictions that are placed on your email “Inbox” by your Internet Service Provider that may only allow you to receive a certain size email. Your HomeView email will contain only a link that will direct you automatically to a server that holds your report. Once you click on the link and you access the server, you simply enter your Username and Password we have assigned to you in the space provided. This ensures that only you will have access to your report and protects the privacy of the information. The final step at this point is to view and print your report. Who ever thought it could be this simple!

Already Used Our Service

You can go directly to your report by signing in. If you have had HomeView inspect other properties for you in the past, signing in will enable you to go directly into the site that maintains all of your reports. This convenient means of signing in to review the inspection report can be used by any of our clients or their real estate agent. Remember, you don’t need to give out you Username or Password to anyone. Your real estate professional will receive their own unique Username and Password for their use.

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